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Battlezone Yarm

Battlezone Yarm is Now Open

Battlezone Paintball Yarm was our original venue, and to this day it remains our flagship site for Paintball and Laser Tag games.

The site is set in natural woodland just off the A19 in Picton, with easy access from Yarm, Ingleby Barwick, Middlesbrough and Stockton. As a paintball venue, this one stands up against the best in the North, with some incredible game arenas including our Galleon, Castle, Train, Bridge, Helicopter and more.

Battlezone Yarm 3D Tour

Check out the 3D virtual Tour of our Yarm Game Maps Here

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Battlezone Paintball Yarm Location

Site Address
Battlezone Yarm, Haggitt Hill Lane, Picton, TS15 0AA