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Battlezone Membership

For a small fee a membership offers reduced walk-on fees and paintball costs. With our various venues available now it's never been a better time to be a member.

It costs £30 for a one year membership. This entitles you to walkon for £20 and buy a bag of 500 paintballs on the day for £9. As a bonus, you also get 5% off all kit from the BZ Pro Paintball shop. BZ Paintball is the biggest paintball shop in the UK, they carry a huge amount of stock from all the major brands of paintball guns, paintball masks, cheap paintball packages and everything else a paintballer needs.

To become a member, you can apply online here. Once you've completed your application, we will then need you to email us a passport style picture to so we can print your membership card. Your card can then be picked up from site on a game day.

Terms and Conditions of Membership

Membership is non-transferrable
Members may only use paint purchased on the day at Battlezone
Members are not permitted to distribute paint to non-member players
Cost of play for members is £20 walk-on, buy paint at £9 per 500
Members are still required to abide by the normal rules of play as detailed in the standard Battlezone Disclaimer
Battlezone reserves the right to change these terms at any time
Members are required to present their card every time they turn up to play on site
Replacement membership cards are charged at £5 per card

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