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We offer paintball for both sexes from the age of 12 upwards. It's the ideal group activity combining teamwork, strategy and quick thinking, your visit to Battlezone will be a rewarding and thrilling experience that will make you want to visit us again and again.

All players are equipped with easy to use semi automatic paintball guns, biodegradeable paintballs, camouflage overalls and full face paintball goggles. You have the option to upgrade your gun and purchase pyro on the day.

During your visit, you and your team will be sent on various exciting and challenging missions. All games can be played at your own pace. Attack or defend - it's your choice!
We run paintball games at Yarm, Scotch Corner, Durham, Newcastle and Edinburgh and all sites have their own unique features that make them thrilling to play. For more information on paintball at the different venues please select below.


Standard Issue

The Paintball Gun

We use the very latest semi-automatic paintball guns, made by Tippmann

8.5" high performance barrel
Ergonomic vertical grip
1 ½ inch blade trigger
Integrated fixed sights
World Class Reliability

The Paintball Mask

Annex MI-3 Goggle
At Battlezone, we decided the best way to increase player confidence in hygiene was to include a brand-new paintball mask to keep in every package. Each mask is CE approved and comes with an anti-fog lens. If you have your own mask or bring it back next time we'll give you an extra 200 paintballs instead!

Air Tank

We use High Pressure Air rather than Co2. This means every shot is consistently accurate and improves reliability of the paintball gun


Our coveralls are professionally laundered before every use and are available in a wide range of sizes to suit all players.

Ammo Belt

Allows you to carry up to 400 extra paintballs securely and comfortably, so you can reload during those intense firefights.

Paintball Hopper

Sits on the top of and feeds the paintballs into the paintball gun.
Holds 200 rounds


Tippmann A5 Response Fire

This upgraded marker provides an upgraded fire rate of up to 15 balls per second thanks to air assisted firing and air assisted feeding


Smoke Grenades, Paint Grenades and Thunderflashes can be used to enhance your game experience. For maximum safety, we use only CE approved paintball pyrotechnics, made by Enola Gaye*

Please note that due to usage restrictions, some pyrotechnics may not be available at all our venues

Armoured Gloves

Full Fingered gloves with hard padded knuckles to take the sting out of any hand shots

Body Armour

These add a layer of protection to the front and back of the player and are standard issue for ladies or juniors