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5 Things a Rookie Should Know

If you’ve never played paintball before it’s hard to know what to expect. From what to wear to how to aim, shoot and move. Here’s a few things you should know if you’re considering paintball for the first time. Is It Okay to Still Play Paintball in the Current Climate? Click here for more info 1. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED It really is easy to play and once you get over your initial nerves you’ll be fine. Paintball is all about fun, it’s the ideal excuse to get outside, socialise, exercise and think strategically. Let’s face it it’s essentially the grown up version of tag, and what kid didn’t love tag? You’ll see some people taking the game far too seriously, don’t, enjoy paintball for what it is… fun and the perfect past time. 2....
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The Highest Earners In Sports

Check out this infographic on the highest paid athletes, it makes for some pretty interesting reading. See who’s at the top of their game, what they earn and how they earn it... and paintball gets a mention too!
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