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Paintball 101

The main thing you need to employ is a set strategy, this is paramount, you can’t just wing it. You need to also consider military style tactics, these are a necessity on the paintball field in order to be successful. You need to always keep basic rules and tactics in mind, this will decrease your chances of elimination. So here’s the lowdown on strategies and safety. SAFETY & GAMEPLAY For newbies the most important things to know are fair play and safety. We’re not saying you’re going to be the godfather of paintball after this, these are just things to know. Paintball is mostly painless, but paintballs do travel as 280mph (crazy right) so here’s some tips for safer gameplay. • Don’t remove your mask, I think I mention this in every...
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Paintball Defence

Defence can be difficult to organise when under fire, which form of defensive tactic you employ all depends on what circumstances you find yourself in. ALL ROUNDER This should be employed when there is a possibility that you will be attacked from more than one direction. It’s ideal here to try and pick an elevated position, this allows you to fire down. You want to look for natural cover with a numerous escape routes that still allows you to fire. When organising a defence ensure your team establishes an all-round perimeter that is small enough to comfortably hold whilst identifying threats. DEPTH DEFENCE When the terrain is favourable its best to employ an in depth defence tactic. Force the attacking team to use identifiable routes and fire away....
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Paintball Shooting Tips

Marksmanship is your ability to hit what you’re aiming at. Shooting skills play a huge role in this, there are various things you need to consider to ensure your shooting game is on point. STANCE On the paintball field you may be required to shoot from any position. Most shots will probably be shot from a standing position, so it’s important you adopt a solid stance. You need to ensure this is solid and comfortable. A side on position will prevent a smaller profile to your opponents, your feet should be shoulder width apart and should feel natural. Before you fire you should lean into the marker, pulling it tight to your body. The most stable firing position is to lie down, but this limits your mobility and arc of fire, you can always kneel for a...
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Defensive Tactics

In most sports, a good offence is having a good defence, this is definitely the case with paintball. We often talk about tips and tactics, were going to focus on defensive strategies in this post. DON'T CROWD First time paintballers often all crowd together and stick together in the best vantage point. This may seem like the best tactic, but it’s far from it. Crowding together only makes it easier for the opposing team to surround and eliminate. It’s better to try and split into smaller groups of 3 or 4 and dot yourself around the game zone. This will make it harder for the opposing team to advance if they are getting shot from various directions. MOVE We’ve mentioned it various times, one of the most important tactics is to keep on moving! Staying...
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Don’ts of Paintball

Paintball is a competitive sport there’s no getting away from that, there are various areas you can look at improving in order to become a better player. Here’s a few; DON'T BE A RULE BREAKER Paintball is better when everyone follows the rules. Don’t go outside of boundaries or blind fire just because there little rules, no. Follow the rules, it’ll make it a better game for all involved. DON'T WIPE So it’s not ideal getting hit, yes it can be a little frustrating but its paintball. If you wipe you’ve ruined the whole objective of the game, if you don’t want to lose consider something different. DON'T TAKE YOUR MASK OFF Never ever remove your mask on the paintball field. Keep it where it belongs on your face! DON'T OVERDO IT Don’t over...
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