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Stag Do Paintballing

Paintballing is a legendary activity for a stag do. What’s better than a group of grown men running around and shooting each other? It’s the perfect opportunity to release all aggression and shoot your friends, give them a head to toe paint makeover. You can immerse yourself into a real life fantasy with the use of grenades and flash bangs in our various themed game zones. Sounds like a pretty epic stag party to us. Here’s a quick guide into booking paintballing with Battlezone Paintball. PICK A DATE AND TIME Rise and shine! Chances are you’ll be hungover from the night before so be sensible about when you intend on playing paintball. We offer afternoon and morning sessions, full and half day. PACKAGES We have various package options available,...
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Paintball Tactics

Various tactics can be used to gain advantage over the opposing team. The main roles are to either invade or suppress your opponents. If used successfully you can overpower and eliminate your rival team. So here’s how. SUPPRESSION To use this tactic successfully you need to keep coordination within your team. You need to control the other team by using random fire and allowing your players to advance undetected, this will give you the upper hand. It’s a distraction technique but heavily relies on teamwork, if executed successfully you’ll be in an advantageous tactical position. INVASION So if suppression is being effective it’s time to get your other team members to invade. The element of surprise is key here and this will be assisted via the...
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5 Paintballing Tips For Rookies

Paintballing can be pretty daunting at first, so to help you rookies out there here’s 5 tips to help you survive your first paintball game. Remember the key to becoming a paintball pro is practice it makes perfect. USE YOUR EYES, EARS AND MOUTH Most newbies will put their head down as soon as shots are fired. Granted you should keep your body behind cover, but this does limit your vision. To beat a player you need to first see the player. It’s vital that you use your eyes and ears to identify the location of your opponents and then call out to your teammates. Take 3 seconds to look around, this will give you just enough time before your opponent potentially clocks you and fires. DON’T BE SCARED Newbies are often scared of being hit and spend 90%...
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7 Paintballing Tips

Everyone loves a little pointer, here's a few basic tips for the paintball novices out there. Play to your own ability, don’t think just because you’re holding a paintball marker you’re suddenly Rambo.­­­­ If you couldn’t run 100 metres and commando roll before, you still won’t be able too. Cover as much ground as you can, as quickly as you can. Move around until you spot someone or someone spots you, then take cover. This will assist with your possession of the field being higher. Paintball isn’t a one man mission, you need to communicate with your teammates in order to be successful. Storming through the field alone and without any strategy or communication is a recipe for disaster. Ensure your hopper and your paintball pots are loaded...
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