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Avoid Bordem This Summer

Introduce the kids to a world of adventure this summer at Battlezone Paintball. Children ages 8 years + can immerse themselves into a real life battlefield, come on ditch the electronics this summer. Still not convinced? Here’s a few reasons why to come paintballing. COST We offer mini paintball for 8-11 year olds where 2 hours’ worth of paintballing is just £20pp, you will be provided with all the paintballs you need for the session as well as equipment, site entry and body armour. We also offer paintball for 11 years + which we have 5 package options, our most popular being the ‘full day commando’ which is £40.00 for 7 hours’ worth of paintballing! This again includes all equipment, armour, 750 paintballs and breakfast (only at our yam...
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The Fundamentals of Shooting

Granted is sounds simple, all you have to do is aim and fire and hey presto you’re a pro, if only. How to aim, how to stand, how to hold the gun and when to shoot are all vital to ensuring you ace your shooting game on the paintball field. So were going to discuss the basics; HOW TO HOLD THE MARKER Ensure your upper body is stable so you can hold the marker steadily. As long as your upper half remains stable the lower half can manoeuvre around the field, whether it’s running or crouching. A common shooting position is to bring the marker central with your nose so you can look down the centre on the barrel through both eyes.  This may take some getting used too especially with a hopper or loader obstructing your view. FIREEEE! So you might think...
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A parents guide to paintballing for children

Paintball is the perfect children’s activity, its outdoors, encourages teamwork, problem solving and is active. Its paintball so it does carry an element of risk, but it’s incredibly low. Your child is probably more likely to injure themselves playing football. If you have any questions about paintballing for your child, continue reading. IS THERE AN AGE LIMIT? We offer two options for children, mini paintball and junior paintball. We ask that anyone under the age of 16 has a guardian on site at all times. Mini paintball is for 8-11 year olds and they will be provided with smaller lighter and less powerful guns. They will also be provided with extra protection, a full head mask, front and back chest protector and gloves. The mini paintball sessions...
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Paintball Shooting Tips

The road to being a paintball pro is not an easy one, it’s a hard sport to master and requires patience and practice. You’ll aim, shoot and miss but this builds a foundation on how and where to shoot next, accuracy is something that comes with repetition. You’ll soon realise you have a certain shooting pattern and this can reveal a lot about you as a shooter. Practice with backyard targets and you’ll be an expert in no time. THE ERRATIC SHOOTER You’ll notice your hits are all over the place… there’s only one thing for it practice that’s the only way you’ll improve your aim. CLOSE BUT NOT QUITE If you’re hitting around or below the bulls eye this might be something to do with your breathing. Breathe slowly and relax this should steady...
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Sneaky Paintball Tips

We often talk about tactics and tips in order to ace your paintball game, but there’s nothing wrong with a few sneaky tips too. Paintball purists might not be happy but as long as you’re sticking to the rules there’s no harm done. FAKE COMMANDS Its cunning, but it works. Ideally come up with a few fake commands with your team-mates before the game and use them to baffle and trick your opponents. For example if you tell one our your teammates to stay down and watch the fort, ensure other players are advancing, this way your opponents will never be able to be one step ahead. NO AMMO So you’ve ran your hopper dry and you’ve gotten a little trigger happy, worst still your stuck behind a bunker with a few minutes remaining. Ensure your opponents...
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