The Fundamentals of Shooting | Battlezone Paintball

The Fundamentals of Shooting

Granted is sounds simple, all you have to do is aim and fire and hey presto you’re a pro, if only. How to aim, how to stand, how to hold the gun and when to shoot are all vital to ensuring you ace your shooting game on the paintball field.

So were going to discuss the basics;


Ensure your upper body is stable so you can hold the marker steadily. As long as your upper half remains stable the lower half can manoeuvre around the field, whether it’s running or crouching.

A common shooting position is to bring the marker central with your nose so you can look down the centre on the barrel through both eyes.  This may take some getting used too especially with a hopper or loader obstructing your view.


So you might think you have it nailed when you aim and fire, however the trajectory of the paintball is a hard one to judge. This will take practice, you need to remember paintballs are very different from conventional bullets, they have a tendency to drift or arc dependant on the range of fire. Try to get used to the flight path and you can adjust your aim accordingly.


To aim at the target ensure you keep both eyes open, look down the barrel and shoot. Generally your first shot will miss, adjust accordingly and try again. Judging the course of your paintballs will assist when making small adjustments with your marker.

Practice makes perfect remember that.

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