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Stag Do Paintballing

Paintballing is a legendary activity for a stag do. What’s better than a group of grown men running around and shooting each other?

It’s the perfect opportunity to release all aggression and shoot your friends, give them a head to toe paint makeover.

You can immerse yourself into a real life fantasy with the use of grenades and flash bangs in our various themed game zones.

Sounds like a pretty epic stag party to us.

Here’s a quick guide into booking paintballing with Battlezone Paintball.


Rise and shine! Chances are you’ll be hungover from the night before so be sensible about when you intend on playing paintball. We offer afternoon and morning sessions, full and half day.


We have various package options available, from £10.00 to £50pp for those trigger happy stags! Many of our packages include lunch and at our Yarm site breakfast too! Our packages are great value for money and are guaranteed to keep you entertained from 09:00-16:00!


We have 5 paintball venues including Newcastle, Yarm, Durham, Scotch Corner and Edinburgh. The choice is yours, we recommended booking in advance to ensure we have availability and a game running.


Come on it’s a stag do, it’s part of the fun. Some of our favourites include Disney princesses, go on make the stag look extra pretty to shoot at!

Fancy dress isn’t limited as long as you keep your mask on at all times.

Book onto Paintball today by calling us on 01642 605000 or for our Edinburgh site 0131 2973157. Or book online by clicking here.