Paintball Tactics | Battlezone Paintball

Paintball Tactics

Various tactics can be used to gain advantage over the opposing team. The main roles are to either invade or suppress your opponents. If used successfully you can overpower and eliminate your rival team.

So here’s how.


To use this tactic successfully you need to keep coordination within your team. You need to control the other team by using random fire and allowing your players to advance undetected, this will give you the upper hand.

It’s a distraction technique but heavily relies on teamwork, if executed successfully you’ll be in an advantageous tactical position.


So if suppression is being effective it’s time to get your other team members to invade. The element of surprise is key here and this will be assisted via the use of the suppression tactic.

As you move as a group always have tactic in place, stay grouped else you may be at risk of elimination. It’s vital that a player covers another at all times, one moves forward and takes cover and the process is repeated.

You need to be able to make the best out of any available cover, always be alert and checking for opponents. Keep your marker level as you never know when you’ll need to shoot, use the sideways walk this makes you a smaller target.

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