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Paintball Shooting Tips

Marksmanship is your ability to hit what you’re aiming at. Shooting skills play a huge role in this, there are various things you need to consider to ensure your shooting game is on point.


On the paintball field you may be required to shoot from any position. Most shots will probably be shot from a standing position, so it’s important you adopt a solid stance. You need to ensure this is solid and comfortable. A side on position will prevent a smaller profile to your opponents, your feet should be shoulder width apart and should feel natural.

Before you fire you should lean into the marker, pulling it tight to your body. The most stable firing position is to lie down, but this limits your mobility and arc of fire, you can always kneel for a compromise.


Avoid blind firing, this is pointless and actually gives away your position. The key to snap shooting is to locate your opponent, this is more effective done from cover. Pop out and burst on the target, if they return fire, find cover. If you don’t have a clear shot hold your fire, go to the ground and wait for your opponent to break cover or move.


Don’t adopt this technique as your normal style of play. Single shot eliminations are obviously desirable, but should only be done when the situation arises. Plus your aim needs to be spot on.


Hitting a moving target is far from easy. You want to locate a point in front of the opponent in their line of travel, then fire continuously. They will either stop making themselves an easier target or run into your line of fire.

When aiming at a moving target you want to stand front on, this will allow continuous shots without throwing your body off balance.

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