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Paintball Movements

The success of a team can greatly depend on the movement of the individual members.\r\n\r\nHere are some movements you might want to consider.\r\n


\r\nThis provides a low silhouette but remember your still in the line of fire. The gun must be kept close to the chest area and legs well behind the rear. In order for the player to move they will alternate by putting forward a leg and elbow at a time.\r\n


\r\nThis gives the lowest silhouette to players and is best used when concealment is minimal. The player’s body will need to be flat to the ground, the marker will be dragged along the ground and will be held from the top.\r\n


\r\nThis is a quick way to move from A to B. This movement should be kept short to prevent the enemy seeing you. The player will lift their head up from the crawl position and scan the area before moving. They will then quickly run and get back into a crawl position. This can be used various times throughout gameplay.\r\n


\r\nThere will be points players will be walking rather than crawling, here they should be moving with stealth – quietly, cautiously, carefully and slowly. The marker should be held in the ready position whilst moving solidly one foot at a time. Always bear in mind the S’s, slow, sturdy and solid.\r\n


\r\nThis is a saviour on a paintball field, when crouching players must tuck their bodies in as close as possible so knees and elbows are tucked in.\r\n


\r\nWhether you’re crawling, walking or running ensure everything is tight to your body, whether this be your equipment or your arms. You want to appear inconspicuous.\r\n\r\nBook to play paintball today by calling us on 01642605000 or for our Edinburgh site 01312973157. Or book online by clicking here.