Defence in Paintball | Battlezone Paintball

Paintball Defence

Defence can be difficult to organise when under fire, which form of defensive tactic you employ all depends on what circumstances you find yourself in.


This should be employed when there is a possibility that you will be attacked from more than one direction. It’s ideal here to try and pick an elevated position, this allows you to fire down.

You want to look for natural cover with a numerous escape routes that still allows you to fire. When organising a defence ensure your team establishes an all-round perimeter that is small enough to comfortably hold whilst identifying threats.


When the terrain is favourable its best to employ an in depth defence tactic. Force the attacking team to use identifiable routes and fire away.

You want to try and organise your players so they make the most out of the available firepower, once the enemy is in sight put down heavy fire from cover.

When you’re forced to defend, the key is to always think offensively. You want to be able to dictate the run of play and your opponent to react to what you do rather than vice versa.

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