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Paintball 101

The main thing you need to employ is a set strategy, this is paramount, you can’t just wing it. You need to also consider military style tactics, these are a necessity on the paintball field in order to be successful. You need to always keep basic rules and tactics in mind, this will decrease your chances of elimination.

So here’s the lowdown on strategies and safety.


For newbies the most important things to know are fair play and safety. We’re not saying you’re going to be the godfather of paintball after this, these are just things to know.

Paintball is mostly painless, but paintballs do travel as 280mph (crazy right) so here’s some tips for safer gameplay.

• Don’t remove your mask, I think I mention this in every blog post, but it’s so important. It’s perhaps the most important safety tip a paintballer should follow.
• Make sure your gun is unloaded when you’re not playing, accidents do happen.

Sportsmanship is important in paintball, it can often determine who you play with and where you play.

• Don’t accuse experienced players of cheating. They’ll have built up a reputation, its better just to avoid playing with them again.
• Don’t pretend you weren’t hit, acknowledge you’re out, don’t be a sore loser.


Communication and cooperation is vital when playing as part of a team. Ensure you get to know your teammates and team leader, it’s crucial to your team’s success.

Free for all strategy

Sometimes teams need to act independently, this means the objective must be achieved with little or no communication. Now here you’re at higher risk of friendly fire, obviously never ideal so avoid at all costs. The best plan of action is to plan ahead, discuss this prior to the game, therefore you can be effective without the need of communication.

Multi squad strategy

Method one – One squad will be sent out whilst the other lays down heavy cover. This will allow your team to gain ground quickly, the advanced squad must function with little communication and risk being caught in a cross fire.

Method two – Leapfrog, one squad pushes forward whilst the other lays cover. Once the position is secured cover fire is then created for the second squad to push forward ahead of the new position. This requires good communication but is highly effective.

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