Defensive Tactics | Battlezone Paintball

Defensive Tactics

In most sports, a good offence is having a good defence, this is definitely the case with paintball. We often talk about tips and tactics, were going to focus on defensive strategies in this post.


First time paintballers often all crowd together and stick together in the best vantage point. This may seem like the best tactic, but it’s far from it. Crowding together only makes it easier for the opposing team to surround and eliminate. It’s better to try and split into smaller groups of 3 or 4 and dot yourself around the game zone. This will make it harder for the opposing team to advance if they are getting shot from various directions.


We’ve mentioned it various times, one of the most important tactics is to keep on moving! Staying mobile on defend and attack games is crucial. It’s always good when defending a position, to appear from behind one part of the cover and shoot, duck and then move to another area, this keeps the opposition guessing.


Without communication you have nothing. Paintball is a team sport and to be successful you need communication and team planning. Be a team player at all times.


Controversial I know, but it’s an option. Sometimes a tactical retreat is the best course of action. When you’re a lone ranger separated from your team it’s a good option, it’s better than elimination surely?


Camouflaging yourself is a great defensive tactic. Paintball markers tend to have a limited range so sometimes it’s a good idea to remain hidden. Lulling your opponent in is always a winner.

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