New Safety Information For Battlezone Paintball | Battlezone Paintball


Please see below for safety advice regarding all of our activities at Battlezone, and specific information for paintball sessions.


Arriving at Battlezone

  • Bookings must be prepaid in full prior to arrival.
  • Waivers MUST be completed online prior to arrival as our touch screen facilities may not be in use. Complete your waver here
  • For hygiene reasons, we highly recommend paintballers bring their own protective gloves if they own them. We have brand new Full Fingered Armoured Gloves available for purchase at all of our sites for just £5.
  • Please respect social distancing at all times and wash your hands whenever you are in the safe camp. Although you are not required by law to wear a face covering, we do recommend you wear one when indoors or in one of our on-site shops.


Paintball Safety Information

  • In order to increase safety measures, we are no longer offering rental masks for paintball. Instead, ALL PAINTBALL BOOKINGS will receive their own brand new mask to keep worth £20 FOR FREE.
  • If you already own a mask* or you choose to visit us again with the mask we gave you, we will give you an EXTRA 200 PAINTBALLS instead (*your mask must meet CE & our own safety standards. If your mask isn’t deemed safe you will not be able to use it at one of our venues.)
  • We advise all customers to keep masks on at all times throughout their session.


Mini Paintball Safety Information

  • To offer the safest experience possible, we have decided to reduce our Mini Paintball sessions to two sessions a day on weekends only (no weekday sessions) with a 1 hour interval between.
  • Mini Paintball sessions do not come with a mask to keep. All rental equipment for Mini Paintball will be thoroughly disinfected prior to & immediately after use, including gloves & masks. The same equipment will not be used for at least 7 days to ensure any potential risks have long since disappeared before their next use.
  • Mini Paintball will be limited to a maximum of 20 people per session.
  • Contact us if you would like to purchase your own personal non-rental mask for Mini Paintball.
  • We advise all customers to keep masks on at all times throughout their session.


General Safety Measures We've Put in Place

  • Cleaning procedures have been increased throughout our facilities.
  • Anti-bacterial hand wash will be available for use. We recommend customers wash their hands before and after their sessions.
  • All overalls will only be used once per day before being sent away to be professionally washed in high temperatures and properly disinfected.
  • All equipment including rental guns will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with approved products after every session.
  • We have enough equipment at all of our sites to be able to rotate fresh apparatus to all of our groups, regardless of how busy we are.
  • Our pre-game safety briefings will address any extra safety measures put in place.
  • Increased cleaning regimes in all toilets and indoor areas.
  • Each private booking will be allocated their own table with appropriate space between groups.
  • We have limited our hot food selection to only hot dogs for the time being (vegetarian hot dogs are available, please let us know beforehand).

Battlezone’s Advice

  • Please put your own safety and the safety of others before anything else. Do not visit us simply because you feel you may miss out financially/on a fun day out. We are all in the same boat and we will all sadly have to make sacrifices.
  • Anyone exhibiting the symptoms associated with coronavirus (COVID-19) SHOULD NOT ATTEND an event at our venue.

If you have any other queries or concerns, please contact us on 01642 605000 or email us on