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Beginner Paintball Advice

No one starts out as a paintball pro, practice makes perfect after all. Most of becoming a great paintball player involves the development of aim, intuition and strategy. But there are some basics to get you started.

Knowing the basics will only aid with your first paintball session running that much smoother.


Paintball for the most part is perfectly safe, but there are some things to bare in mind. Paintballs are designed to explode on impact and travel at ridiculous speeds, so as you can imagine if the correct safety precautions aren’t taken, it’s going to hurt.

Now most paintball fields have a zone where it’s safe for players to remove their mask, this is a no shoot zone. Other than the designated zone you must ALWAYS keep your mask on, a paintball to the face can cause some serious damage.


Paintball players take the sport pretty seriously, many have devoted a lot of time and money to mastering the sport. To become a paintball player there are some rules you need to abide by.

1. Don’t lie, if you were hit, you’re out. If you’re unsure whether you were hit you can ask for a paint check.
2. Don’t call anyone a cheater. Some players are skilled shooters and are capable of landing great shots. If you think someone is cheating, simply don’t play with them again.


If you’re playing alone, your success/failure is all your doing.  There are a few things you’ll want to consider to keep yourself in the game.

Hiding is crucial and paintball fields have plenty of hiding places, from crates, trees and forts. Now you don’t want to stay in the same spot for too long but you don’t want to expose yourself by running around carelessly. Always plan ahead and ensure the coast in clear.

You won’t get far is your just sat stationary, you need to be on the move. Hiding won’t provide you with shooting opportunities. The best outcome I this case is to have the element of surprise, misfiring and shooting from covered areas if you haven’t mastered aim won’t give you that.

When you see an opponent your best bet is to run for them. They’ll be unprepared and will more than likely run, giving you a chance to shoot.

The best players understand the balance between bravery and reservation.


When you’re new to the game, you’ll be inexperienced compared to your teammates. Take on board their tips and advice. If you have any ideas voice them, just don’t assume you can run the team. These guys know what it takes to succeed.

When you’re a team player, you need to listen, even if you lose its valuable insight into the sport. Look around at what other players are doing and mimic their behaviour.

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