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Basic Rules On How To Play Paintball

The key to a successful game of paintball is to ensure everyone is on the same page. It’s best to run through a game plan beforehand.\r\n


\r\nHave a pre field walk around and look at boundaries. Establish positions and bases.\r\n


\r\nEnsure everyone is made aware of the dead zone to avoid shooting in that direction. This ideally wants to be far enough from the field that eliminated players can remove their masks without the risk of being hit.\r\n


\r\nEveryone needs to know the fundamental goal of the game. Is it elimination game or capture the flag? Ensure all rules are broadcast to avoid confusion.\r\n


\r\nTime limits should be set, take into account the players that are eliminated from the get go, that can’t be fun.\r\n


\r\nTry to keep the numbers on either team equal. If there are inexperienced players try to divide these evenly and accordingly.\r\n


\r\nIf a player is hit this will leave a solid mark on the players body or equipment. However if there is a splatter this may be off a paintball breaking on a nearby surface which will not count as a hit. You can ask for a paintball check from a nearby teammate and the game will temporarily stop until you establish whether the player is eliminated or not.\r\n


\r\nOnce hit exit the field as quickly as you can. When you come across other players make it known you’ve been hit and hold your gun above your head.\r\n\r\nBook to play paintball today by calling us on 01642605000 or for our Edinburgh site 01312973157. Or book online by clicking here.