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5 Paintballing Tips For Rookies

Paintballing can be pretty daunting at first, so to help you rookies out there here’s 5 tips to help you survive your first paintball game.

Remember the key to becoming a paintball pro is practice it makes perfect.


Most newbies will put their head down as soon as shots are fired. Granted you should keep your body behind cover, but this does limit your vision. To beat a player you need to first see the player. It’s vital that you use your eyes and ears to identify the location of your opponents and then call out to your teammates. Take 3 seconds to look around, this will give you just enough time before your opponent potentially clocks you and fires.


Newbies are often scared of being hit and spend 90% of their time hiding. Not helpful or fun. Don’t’ work yourself up, it’s really not that bad. You need to move to avoid getting shot, you might think hiding is fool proof but it’s not, it actually makes you vulnerable. Bite the bullet and MOVE. If you’re really that worried about the pain factor wear some extra layers of clothing and gloves, this will take the sting out of the impact.


Understand your marker, trust us it will help in battle. Make sure the hopper lid is on tightly, the last thing you want is to spill your paintballs, the dirt could cause your marker to jam, not what you need. Most markers are gravity fed, the paintballs roll from the hopper into the barrel before shooting. If the hopper is below the gun the marker won’t work, this may happen if you’re holding the marker sideways or upside down.


Ensure you know what the objective of the game is, whether its elimination or capture the flag etc. Ensure you communicate with your team at all times to have the greatest chance of success.


Our marshals are there to ensure everyone is safe and are rule abiding. Listen to the marshal and ask them questions when needed. For example if you’ve been hit by a paintball but it hasn’t broken you could still be in the game, so before calling yourself ‘out’ which you can’t take back, check with the marshal.

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